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Welcome to Sip Paint Smile:
Sip Paint Smile is your top sip and paint studio. Offering parties for adults and children of all ages. No limitations to the fun you can create.
Massage from the Owner.
Welcome to Sip Paint Smile my name is Gabriel some call me Liric and other call me Gabby. I am a mom first and a entrepreneur second. My family has been my guiding factor in owning my own business. I am a local professional artist i have held shows throughout South Florida and New York, but Florida is where i call home.
In 2013 i started Sip Paint Smile it was small and we only had 20 events the whole year. It started out as the first sip and paint studio to be mobile in Florida. I had the opportunity to work for another opening sip and paint studio in plantation, fl. The owner was not a small business and they were all about the money not the service so i left and with the advise of my partner and number one supporter, i started.
A lot of time has passed since 2013 but one thing remains the same we choose higher quality materials, 99% custom unique artwork (i get a little help sometimes). I take pride in my company, built off of the support of my family and of course you our artist. Your reviews online help tell our story we are not perfect but without you we would not be here.
I personally want to say thank you even if you don't get the chance to come to the studio today, i hope to see you again soon.
Don't be a stranger and never ever let you creativity dull... not even for a moment.
Gabriel Liric Yarborough
Owner Sip Paint Smile Inc

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